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The Goddess Of Good Fashion

Coco Chanel was born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel in 1883 France, was a fashion designer best known for her work with her fashion house Chanel. As a young woman she learned to sew while living in a convent, and took a job as a seamstress upon leaving. By 1915 she had opened her first self-titled boutique and had esteemed style magazine Harper’s Bazaar raving over her designs. Chanel was credited with the liberation of women’s fashion, moving away from the rigid, corseted style favoured in pre-WWI Europe. A lover of sports and physical hobbies, Chanel took inspiration from the likes of sailors, fishermen and horsemen when she designed. She passed away in 1971 aged 87, after an as-yet unrivalled career in clothing design.

Chanel: From The Beginning

Originally founded as a millinery store, Chanel’s first retail endeavour opened up in 1909 on the ground floor of an apartment belonging to Coco Chanel’s then-lover. In the decades since then, the house has ascended to fashion royalty. Chanel is without a doubt one of history’s best-known and universally loved brands. Over time, Chanel expanded their initial collections, incorporating lines of ready-to-wear Chanel shoes, bags and other items. Pairs of Chanel shoes have been pounding the pavements of Paris and the rest of the world since the middle of the 20th century – the elegance and sophistication of a pair of Chanel pumps is too hard to pass up on. Today, the brand is still considered the ultimate in high fashion, and it’s a sure thing that Chanel’s crown will never slip.

The Style

Chanel are in the business of relaxed elegance – a comfortable yet classic style with enough panache to make heads turn. Ever since the launch of Coco Chanel’s jersey collections over a century ago, the brand has made a name for itself through laid-back, luxurious fashion. Their footwear collections are no different. The most famous Chanel shoes work with a two-tone palette of black and beige, creating classic style under the simplest circumstances. If you’re looking to turn heads, find the perfect pair of Chanel sandals to complete a dream outfit, or even just wanna invest in a decent, stunning pair of shoes then Chanel is the brand for you. Celebrities seem inclined to agree – from Romy Schneider to Rihanna, everyone who’s anyone owns a pair of shoes from Chanel.

Chanel Shoes Today

With Karl Lagerfeld’s deft reinvention of the classic Chanel two-tone slingback as well as an enviable pair of Chanel lace-up shoes released in 2016, shoes from history’s favourite fashion house are definitely not falling out of style in the next millennia. Authentic Chanel boots, ankle boots, trainers, wedges and other footwear can all be found second-hand at All of our items are thoroughly checked for quality and authenticity.

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