Обувь Desert

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Why Wear Desert Boots

We’ve already mentioned that desert boots are comfortable and practical. They’re also lightweight and stylish to boot (pun intended). This makes them perfect for the transition between summer and Autumn, as they can deal with a variety of weather conditions. Desert boots are sturdy too, so they’re also versatile enough for a wide range of activities.

If you’re unsure when to wear desert boots, the good news is these beauties can cover a lot of ground (yes, we did it again)! They’re suitable for the spring, summer and Autumn. In fact, if you’re the type of person who only owns a few pairs of shoes, a pair of desert boots should definitely be one of these because they’re so versatile.

You can wear desert boots in the winter, but they’re not the best footwear for coping in the rain.  Crepe soles don’t hold up well when wet, and suede doesn’t mix well with water either. Despite looking rugged and being fairly hardy, wet conditions aren’t ideal for desert boots. So, to sum up:

  • Can you wear desert boots in the summer? Absolutely!
  • Can you wear desert boots in the winter? Yes, but choose dry days.
  • Can you wear desert boots in the rain? Probably best not to. They were designed to be worn in the desert after all.

Практичность Пустынных ботинок

65 лет прошло с тех пор, как первые дезерты зашагали по земле, но потребность в них нисколько не уменьшилась. Единственное. Что претерпело изменений, это цветовая гамма, которая расширилась от песчаного Camel, до самых невообразимых насыщенных оттенков. Это существенно расширило спектр одежды, с которой могут взаимодействовать дезерты, особенно в теплый период, когда наступает время для смелых оттенков, таких как фиолетовый, красный, зеленый и синий. Кроме того, четыре отверстия на берцах и простая шнуровка позволяют легко снимать и надевать их обратно, что позволяет пустынным ботинкам быть «подвижными» по сравнению с другой весенней обувью на шнуровке.

Независимо от того, разбираетесь ли вы в модной одежде или нет, обувь должна быть самой важной вещью в любом гардеробе. Вы носите ее каждый день, она защищает ваши ноги от грязи и всякой «нечисти», и при этом отражает ваш стиль, вашу индивидуальность

Что касается последнего, дезерты как ничто иное, отлично с этим справляются.

Приобретая «deset boots», вы берете не просто обувь, вы овладеваете определенным стилем, неподвластным скоротечным тенденциям и являющимся эталоном удобной, практичной и универсальной мужской обуви, ровно как и броги, челси или дерби.

Если вы не смыслите в модных направлениях, но при этом не желаете быть позади, «пустынные ботинки» подойдут как нельзя кстати. Дезерты беспроигрышный вариант. Они отлично смотрятся с простой рубашкой, галстуком и чинос, создавая непринужденный образ в стиле кэжуал, годный для повседневной носки на работу, учебу или прогулку.

What Are Desert Boots

Start researching desert boots and you’ll find they’re a type of footwear men rave about! They might look fairly unassuming but they’re unparalleled when it comes to versatility and comfort. Sounds good? Then it’s time to find out more. So, what exactly are desert boots?

Simply put, desert boots are ankle height boots with two or three eyelets. They’re usually made of suede, have flat laces and a rubber crepe sole. In their classic form they are sandy in colour, although these days you will find desert boots in varying colours.

If you know your men’s boots, you’re probably wondering ‘what’s the difference between chukka boots and desert boots’? You’ll often see the terms used interchangeably, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that chukka and desert boots are the same. But if we’re being particular, desert boots are actually a specific type of chukka boot. Where chukka boots can be quite smart and made of a variety of materials, desert boots are similar in style but specifically made of suede and crepe. This gives them a casual look.

We’ve covered what they are, but why are desert boots called desert boots? The name is down to their history. This style was born when a gentleman called Nathan Clark was stationed in Burma with the British army. Alongside doing his duty to the country, he was also on the lookout for new shoe designs for Clarks, his family’s shoe company (you may have heard of them!).

Nathan noticed many officers were wearing a certain type of boot. This functional footwear was ankle-height, sand-coloured, practical and comfortable. He found that these came from a market in Cairo, which is how the name desert boot came about. After sending information and sketches home, the desert boot we know today is the result.

What to Wear with Desert Boots

Now you know you need a pair of desert boots, it’s time to consider what to wear desert boots with. You’ve probably already gathered that these boots are really versatile and can go with almost anything, but here are a few pointers on how to style them.

Casual Looks

Desert boots and jeans are pretty much the perfect combo. You’ll get a smarter look than when wearing trainers, but it still won’t look like you’ve tried too hard. Navy jeans look great with the sandy colours, and you can always turn up your jeans to add a bit of contrast. Slip on your favourite t-shirt and that’s your casual look done.

If you’re wondering how to wear desert boots with skinny jeans, you’ll find this just as simple. Start with black jeans and pair with some black desert boots. This keeps everything streamlined and provides a base that will go with almost anything. A white t-shirt or a colourful one, layered with a light jacket, will look spot on.

Most of these looks would be best with socks that blend with the colour of your jeans or boots. But can you wear desert boots without socks? Yes! If you’re wearing them in the spring or summer with shorts, it’s best to opt for the no-socks look. You can also choose to wear some ‘invisible’ socks that don’t show over the boot for the impression of being sockless.

Smart Looks

For a night out, you might consider wearing desert boots with chinos. This works well, as long as you make sure there’s some contrast between the colour of your boots and your chinos. If the shades match too closely (unless you opt for black) the look won’t work. Once you’ve got the right chino and desert boot pairing, add a shirt to nail that smart casual look.

If you really want to dress up desert boots you can wear them with trousers or a suit. Get the pairing right and you’ve got a very sharp outfit. The elements are simple: desert boots, trousers or suit and a formal shirt. The devil is in the detail, and that’s choosing the right colour.

What Colour Desert Boots to Wear

The making of an outfit is getting the colour combinations right. So, here’s our guide on what to wear with brown, black, sand or tan desert boots.

Brown or tan: navy and brown go really well, so you can wear your brown desert boots with denim jeans or navy trousers or chinos.

Sand: this lighter colour of footwear might not be what you’re used to, but it’s easier to style than you think. Sand desert boots look good with navy too, and also work with grey.

Black: wear black desert boots with black jeans or trousers. It’s simple and stylish, you can’t go wrong!

What are you waiting for? Grab your desert boots today! These footwear heroes will complete your look almost every time. You’ll wonder what you ever did without them!

Происхождение Дезертов и немного истории

Эти полуботинки из мягкой замши были придуманы Натаном Кларком, наследником Джеймса Кларка, основателя обувной компании «Clarks». Прочная обувь, на каучуковой подошве и с четырьмя дырочками для шнурков быстро завоевала сердца большинства мужчин, благодаря своей практичности и выносливости. Основой при создании дезертов послужили ботинки британских военных, проходивших службу в Северной Африке во время Второй Мировой Войны. В них впервые применялась каучуковая подметка, а благодаря прочной замше и натуральному каучуку, они идеально подходили для жаркого климата. Кожаные дезерты также прекрасно справлялись с сырой погодой, чем превосходили другие ботинки. Впервые, «ботинки для пустыни» увидели свет в 1950 году на обувной выставке в Чикаго, в корне изменив понятие универсальности мужской обуви.

Clark’s Desert Boots.

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